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4 things to consider when sponsoring an event

Anastasiia Vasileva 10 October, 2019 0

Sponsoring is working its way up in the ranking of marketing methods. No matter its size, almost every company tries to increase its visibility, improve its image or boost sales and sponsorship is increasingly being used for these purposes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an investment with high financial figures or simply the provision of […]

*Update* – Sponsor Accounts V1 – now available

Due to high demand and the desire of you, you can now invite your sponsors to create their own sponsor accounts with a variety of new functionalities with today’s release. The creation of sponsor accounts is now mandatory for every sponsor and optimizes the entire process for both organizers and sponsors significantly. The feedback from […]

How digitization impacts the sports market

Digitization and globalization have significantly changed the world as we knew it before. Travelling from A to B is just a matter of flight hours today and getting informed about the current situation in a country that might be 10,000 kilometers far is just a mouse click away. It is needless to say that this […]

7 cool digital sponsorship opportunities with Fanomena Events

Digital sponsorship is the perfect new revenue generator Your existing event app already makes life easier for you and your participants – but there are many more valuable things that you can unlock with digital sponsoring functions such as with Fanomena Events. By the way, EventKit by Fanomena Events can also be integrated into your […]

How to use giveaways at events

Promotional gifts have become common practice when it comes to customer communication and good marketing and it is even hard to imagine events without them. Using giveaways at events is always a good idea, unless they end up unseen in the trash after only 10 minutes. T-shirts, pens, lanyards – or something else? After all, […]

Trends to enhance the visitor experience at conferences

In times of increasing digitization, it is more difficult to acquire new participants for a specific conference every year. Interested parties are now looking for the solution to their problem online in order to obtain the greatest possible transparency and be able to compare the solutions directly. The previous idea of a conference offers the […]

6 tips to convince sponsors to invest in your trade fair or conference

Anastasiia Vasileva 8 October, 2019 0

Sponsoring is gaining more and more importance in the trade fair industry and one can hardly imagine a trade fair without sponsors these days. While the sponsors’ investment represents an important source of income for the organizers, sponsors hope that the partnership will increase awareness, enhance sales figures or improve the company’s image. Therefore sponsoring is not just a […]