Steps to measure your events ROI successfully

Anastasiia Vasileva 23 April, 2020 0

How to measure your ROI The formula for calculating ROI is: ROI = (Earnings – Cost)/Cost. ROI measurement is used to assess how successful the business is. Besides, it shows what is working and what is not, enabling you to allocate resources and strategies to be more effective. The three main steps in measuring ROI […]

Digital tools for virtual events

Anastasiia Vasileva 9 April, 2020 0

Shift to digital events Due to the recent coronavirus crisis, live events can’t take place. Everyone has to stay at home, and there are restrictions on meeting with people. That’s why virtual events have become extremely popular. Organizing online events, live streaming conferences, offering mobile apps and other virtual tools can be a good option […]

The best venues for an Eco-friendly event

Anastasiia Vasileva 16 March, 2020 0

Make your event sustainable Are you thinking about how to make your next event sustainable? You can start avoiding plastic, go paperless, use less transportation and reduce your emissions. And what about your event place? The venue itself contributes a lot to the event sustainability. Start with choosing an eco-friendly venue. We share our top […]

Why should events be sustainable?

Anastasiia Vasileva 11 February, 2020 0

Green events have been a hot topic in the events industry over the past couple of years, and their influence is not declining. More attendees than ever before are concerned about the environment. When you offer sustainable events, you demonstrate you are a forward-thinking provider and do your part to help the environment. Learn why […]

Event Industry Trends 2020

Anastasiia Vasileva 17 December, 2019 0

The goal of every event planner is to organize the perfect event, where every attendee is impressed and happy. To do so it is important to keep an eye on the industry trends and have them in mind when planning your next event.  We have prepared a list of event trends in 2020 that will […]

How to create the best Christmas corporate party

Anastasiia Vasileva 5 December, 2019 0

We have prepared a checklist with useful tips and unique Christmas collections that will help you in creating the best company celebration. You can now download it for free! Your benefits You will learn about the main points you need to keep in mind while organizing a Christmas party. You also get a lot of […]

Best catering companies in the USA

Anastasiia Vasileva 28 November, 2019 0

Catering is an important part of every event, and you should always think carefully while organizing it. Of course, you could do it yourself, but it is much better when it’s provided by real professionals! First of all, it saves you time and money. Then, catering providers are aware of dietary requirements and health regulations, […]

How to make the most of digital content marketing

Anastasiia Vasileva 18 November, 2019 0

I’m 100% sure that you have heard about digital content marketing before. Nowadays everyone is using the Internet to search for information, so there’s no doubt that online content plays an important part in your marketing strategy. While more and more companies start to use this strategy it is important to know how to do […]

How to organize the best event for your employees

Anastasiia Vasileva 14 November, 2019 0

How to organize the best event for your employees We have prepared helpful tips and tricks in a checklist that will help you to make the most of your next company event. You can now download it for free! Your benefits You will learn to organize the right event for your employees and will never […]

Engaging promo codes and coupons ideas for event organizers

Anastasiia Vasileva 6 November, 2019 0

Coupons and promo codes are an important part of an event marketing strategy. If you look in your mailbox, you will find it full of messages with different offers, discounts and ‘special deals’. But why are companies doing this? And why are coupons and promo codes so important? Let’s find out more about it.  Firstly, […]

things so consider

4 things to consider when sponsoring an event

Anastasiia Vasileva 10 October, 2019 0

Sponsoring is working its way up in the ranking of marketing methods. No matter its size, almost every company tries to increase its visibility, improve its image or boost sales and sponsorship is increasingly being used for these purposes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an investment with high financial figures or simply the provision of […]