Event Industry Trends 2020

Anastasiia Vasileva 17 December, 2019 0

The goal of every event planner is to organize the perfect event, where every attendee is impressed and happy. To do so it is important to keep an eye on the industry trends and have them in mind when planning your next event.  We have prepared a list of event trends in 2020 that will […]

Best catering companies in the USA

Anastasiia Vasileva 28 November, 2019 0

Catering is an important part of every event, and you should always think carefully while organizing it. Of course, you could do it yourself, but it is much better when it’s provided by real professionals! First of all, it saves you time and money. Then, catering providers are aware of dietary requirements and health regulations, […]

How to make the most of digital content marketing

Anastasiia Vasileva 18 November, 2019 0

I’m 100% sure that you have heard about digital content marketing before. Nowadays everyone is using the Internet to search for information, so there’s no doubt that online content plays an important part in your marketing strategy. While more and more companies start to use this strategy it is important to know how to do […]

Marketing automation

Digital Marketing Automation: The chance for your company?

Only online businesses need to know about digital marketing, right? That’s just not true – not anymore. E-commerce entrepreneurs, Amazon drop-shippers, and SaaS specialists: These make up the entire cosmos of those adopting digital automation. After all, do they really have a choice? No, they don’t. But neither do you. Yes, you. Your SME is […]


What is a lead? How to transform potential customers into leads

Probably you will ask yourself if there is a need for another of these blog-posts? It’s as simple as that: It has happened to me again and again, that I had to recognize in discussions that many people are still not sufficiently informed about their leads. Generally speaking, a lead describes a potential customer who […]

google zukunftswerkstattt

Fanomena Leads visits the Google Workshop in Saarbrücken

If the “Google Zukunftswerkstatt” is in Saarbrücken, then you should stop by. The experiences I have made and what I have learned in the 2 days you can read here. What is the “Google Zukunftswerkstatt” and who can benefit from it? With the “Google Digital Workshop”, Google offers a workshop for all those who want […]


Make the most of your exhibitions and lift up marketing performance

Terminology in the field of trade fairs Exhibitions, trade shows, conferences: what’s in a name? Is it all just semantics or are the different names intended to actually mark a difference in purpose? Yes and no. Insiders, marketers and business-savvy SMEs will understand the theoretical difference between each. But, these days, the details get thrown […]


Lead management at exhibitions: Reaching masses individually

The author Lisa Rein Event Marketing, IMC AG Lead management at exhibitions: Reaching masses individually Digitisation opens up many possibilities for all of us. Whether in the private or professional context, numerous processes are taking place much faster than before, communication channels have been changed and are constantly changing. And a wide variety of individual […]


Higher conversion rate from marketing to sales qualified leads

Laura 7 November, 2019 0

Qualify your leads with interactive email content The success of marketing in a company is usually measured by the generated leads. Whether the key figure refers to Marketing Qualified (MQL) or Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) depends heavily on the positioning and strategic orientation of marketing in the company. If the goal is to generate pre-qualified […]