Impress your sponsors and delegates.

Whether you are organizing a small conference or a large congress – we have the perfect solution for you. Connect your speakers and sponsors with your delegates through engaging content possibilities.

Used by worlds-leading conference organizers

Benefits for you, your sponsors and your delegates

Event Organizers

Combine event-related information with your sponsors’ offers to create a new revenue stream.


Direct access to the target group with engaging advertisement possibilities and clear measurability.


Innovative paperless distribution of event-related information and exclusive access to appealing offers.

3 simple steps to directly connect your sponsors with your delegates

Invite your sponsors

Our SaaS-solution allows you to invite your sponsors so they can create engaging advertisements themselves.

Prepare your platform

Customize it to your event, include your sponsors advertisements and add event-related information like e.g. your keynote speakers or a seating plan.

1:1 Communication

Directly share the advertisements with your delegates and customize the content according to their profile and wishes.

Various Use Cases

For on-site conferences

Our innovative event platform allows you to share personalized content and your sponsors’ offers with your target group.

For virtual conferences

Thinking of ways to interact with your target group for your virtual conference? Our technology allows you to directly get in touch with clear measurability.

Already using an App?

You don’t want to overwhelm your delegates with one more channel? We can integrate our solution into your existing app to simplify the distribution.

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