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At COSMETICA, everything revolves around the beauty of the visitors. In addition to workshops on cosmetics, hair and nails, you can also look forward to a colourful supporting programme next year!



The challenge

The KOSMETIK international Messe GmbH annually organizes the COSMETICA fair at four different locations. So far, all relevant contents have been handled by the organizer and their partners and sponsors via classical print measures. Last year, the KOSMETIK international Messe GmbH set itself the task of increasing its digital reach and improving the sponsoring of its exhibitors for the first time.


Thus in 2018 the digital fair bag Fanomena Events was implemented at the events in Stuttgart, Hanover, Frankfurt and Berlin. An average of 630 exhibitors and 12,000 visitors was expected at all 4 locations.

The objective

The objective was to integrate as many exhibitors and sponsors as possible and give them more presence and reach. In order to increase their reach, a landing page was set up by Fanomena Events and was spread across all channels. There, all visitors and interested parties had the opportunity to receive their digital trade fair bags.

With Fanomena Events, an interactive sponsoring platform was made available to partners and sponsors. Here, they were able to place their offers in a targeted manner and direct them to the participants, who in turn could benefit from the added value. This also guaranteed that all visitors could quickly get an overview of the offers available.


The reach could be increased enormously by collecting more than 3,000 contacts at all 4 events. The interest of the participants in the 59 different contents can be confirmed by the outstanding opening rate of 78%.

But not only the enormous increase of the digital reach was seen as positive, but also the fact that the sponsors could benefit from the tracking of the interactions. For the first time it was possible for them to derive a concrete conclusion from their measures and to determine a clear ROI.

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