5 tips for the right approach to sponsor acquisition

Participation in a trade fair can be a real challenge for companies. In order to create a perfect trade fair appearance, many different aspects have to be considered. Although sponsoring is only a small part that has to be included in the planning, it is nevertheless playing an ever-increasing role in the trade fair and congress environment. Starting with the search ([Blog] Find the right sponsors for your event) up to addressing and convincing potential sponsors, you should pay attention to a few things.

As soon as the research of possible sponsors and their correct contact persons has been completed, the first contact should follow. Since most companies set their annual budget between November and January, the first contact should ideally take place between November and December.

In the first step you briefly introduce the fair. Afterwards you should go into the main benefit for the sponsor. Possible benefits could be that he can enormously increase his reach and awareness by positioning logos on the exhibition grounds, as well as flyers and brochures. In addition, they can improve their image by being present at the event.

If you are working with emails in your sponsor acquisition, we have collected 5 helpful tips for you:

  • Use keywords: Try to attract the attention of the sponsor already in the subject line. Instead of the usual subject lines, such as “sponsoring request”, go into the benefits for the company, for example by writing “Increase your brand awareness”.
  • Preheader: To further arouse the interest of your potential sponsor, you can use a preheader that provides even more information about the fair.
  • Individual and personal approach: Address the contact person personally and design the mail as individually as possible by responding to the challenges of the company.
  • List of all services: Make a list of all services for your sponsors and offer them the best package from your point of view. Nevertheless, you should give them the opportunity here to make their own suggestions for their individually adapted service package.
  • Next Action Step: Give an outlook on the next steps, for example by announcing that an employee will contact you within the next few weeks to answer any further questions. At the same time, the recipient himself has the opportunity to contact you directly.

Further helpful tips can be found in our whitepaper “Find, approach and convince sponsors”. Download your free copy now:

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