7 cool digital sponsorship opportunities with Fanomena Events

Digital sponsorship is the perfect new revenue generator

Your existing event app already makes life easier for you and your participants – but there are many more valuable things that you can unlock with digital sponsoring functions such as with Fanomena Events. By the way, EventKit by Fanomena Events can also be integrated into your existing event app or registration/ticket platforms without any problems. Many events completely compensate the costs of their apps, but why not simply generate additional, new sales? eventbaxx makes this possible in a new form.

EventKit is able to eliminate many of the sponsorship sticking points of past days. A banner somewhere in an event hall really has hardly any value and its ROI calculation will be estimated at best – at most you can get an idea of the number of impressions received. But with digital sponsorship opportunities, sponsors finally have access to what is most important – 100% actionable data. Clicks, views, retention time, social reach, interaction rates and even conversions can be measured with EventKit. With EventKit you reach opening rates far above 75% and interaction and engagement rates of 15-20% per content – far above benchmark. At the end of the article we even reveal what ROI our customers can work with and expect on average. It’s up to the organizer to provide the opportunity and communicate.

So here are 7 cool ways you can unlock potential sponsorship features with Fanomena Events – all quickly and easily without design or coding skills.

1. Voucher

Vouchers have always been a good idea. With the voucher function of EventKit the visitor of the event, a potential new customer, is stimulated to interact with the product or brand, brand loyalty is increased and in the best case the visitor is converted into a new customer.

This type of content includes a redeemable button, QR codes or barcodes for scanning, which are easy to redeem and of course measurable and evaluable. The voucher function is therefore ideal for attracting potential new customers to the exhibitor stand or directly to the POS. By the way, the voucher can also be stored for offline use in the IoS wallet. How often the voucher was redeemed can be seen in the dashboard.

2. Discount

With the discount function, visitors to the event have easy access to exclusive discount codes, which for example include a discount when shopping in an online shop. General or personalized discount codes can be integrated but EventKit by Fanomena Events can also create discount code lists itself if they are not yet available.

With the voucher function not only the traffic is enormously increased, but also the turnover. Of course you can track click and interaction rates as well as conversions in the dashboard and make them available to your sponsor.

3. Subscribe

It is no secret that one of the top 5 intentions of sponsorship is related to generating new leads. This type of content allows your participants to subscribe to an individual campaign (e.g. newsletter, competition, podcast).

With the Subscribe function it is possible to exactly represent the intention of the lead generator: the data pool can be enriched and new leads can be recorded. All data is processed in your dashboard and visualized beautifully – 100% GDPR compliant.

4. Quiz (Gamification)

Gamification is important today – exactly this can be achieved with EventKit in different ways, e.g. in the form of a raffle. This type of content is designed to increase participants’ interaction and brand awareness throughout the event. Imagine your participants interacting with the sponsor’s content and even guessing the right answers in an appealing way – wow.

The highlight of the story is that participants can be rewarded with the correct answers in real time and directly receive valuable vouchers or discounts. The data of the answers can be viewed in the dashboard, exported and sent to the sponsor.

5. Poll (Gamification)

Feedback from the participants is important. This is also possible with EventKit in an interactive way, so that your sponsors can collect valuable feedback from your participants. Predefined answer options or even free text fields are possible here.

Again, it is possible to reward participants who submit a survey. The feedback is evaluated in the dashboard, visualized in diagrams and has various export functions.

6. Social Coupon

With EventKit by Fanomena Events it is also possible to significantly increase the digital reach of the sponsor’s content. With this function, a share link matching the sponsor’s message is generated for each visitor, which can be shared and distributed via social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Messenger. If the participant manages to generate a certain number of interaction rates or even new eventbaxx users, he can be rewarded once again.

The digital reach is shown in the dashboard and can be quickly and easily communicated to the sponsor.

7. Classic Advertising Message

Of course it must not be missing, the good old classic advertising message. But believe me, this is redefined even in Fanomena Events and comes with an incredible power of impact with highlight photo, text and or even video and music. Bookmarking (Likes) and social share functions and clear call to actions can be integrated as with all different types of content and ensure enormously high interaction and engagement rates, although it is “only” a classic advertising message.

If you have read this far, let me tell you what ROI our customers achieve on average with Fanomena Events: 2.5x ROI!

And a short sneak preview: Very soon Fanomena Events will bring you new sponsors for your event and you can immediately generate new revenues.

But enough talked about it, now I invite you to test EventKit by Fanomena Events for free and enjoy all the extensive opportunities.

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