Engaging promo codes and coupons ideas for event organizers

Coupons and promo codes are an important part of an event marketing strategy. If you look in your mailbox, you will find it full of messages with different offers, discounts and ‘special deals’. But why are companies doing this? And why are coupons and promo codes so important?


Let’s find out more about it. 


Firstly, promo codes increase customers’ incentives to purchase the product, as all of us like to get something cheaper and we don’t want to miss this opportunity. As an outcome, people make unplanned sales and spend more than they expected, which results in an increase of your revenue. Secondly, they help to drive registrations for the event and attract more visitors to attend. People tend to share something interesting and important with their network, that’s why your event can get even bigger promotion with the use of coupons. Thereby, it will have a positive effect on your sales and revenue. 


By differentiating promo codes, you will be able to track where the customers are coming from, what are their preferences and shopping styles. After analyzing this data, you can adjust your strategy and reach your target customers better. That’s a great way to measure your event ROI. One more good thing about using coupons and promo codes is that it works with both – existing and new customers!


When creating a marketing campaign with coupons or promo codes make sure to include visuals and beautiful design. Otherwise, people may just lose your offer or not pay attention at all. One example is the innovative EventKit from Fanomena Events that allows you to  easily create your and your sponsors’ vouchers and distribute them to your event attendees. 


Now that you know the importance of using event promo codes and coupons, it’s time to decide which of them to use. 


Here are 8 types of coupons and promo codes that you should consider:

Early birds

Provide you potential attendees with an opportunity to get the tickets at a discount price. The main point of this is that visitors have to register before a specific date (usually it is about first 3-5 days) in order to get a reduced price. This idea will give a kickstart to your sales and can create a buzz around your event. Your fans and other people interested in you will definitely appreciate that!

And don’t forget, the sense of urgency makes people react and decide faster. That’s why you should set up an expiring promo code that is valid only for a few days. 

Group tickets

Another way to attract more people to the event is to provide a discount on group tickets. This idea creates a win-win situation for both sides. Your attendees will get cheaper tickets and save some money. You, as an event organiser, will have more visitors at the event and hence generate more revenue.

Sponsors discounts

Do you want to establish a long-lasting relationship with your sponsors and provide them with valuable experience? Then you should definitely include sponsor coupons and discounts to your sponsor package or goodie bag. With this function event visitors can get access to exclusive features, such as discounts or free-shipping. At the same time, your sponsors can achieve their goals: increasing revenue and attracting the right customers.

The great way of providing sponsors’ exclusive offers is by using the EventKit by Fanomena Events. Our digital platform allows you to create a sponsorship platform with various coupons, promo codes and vouchers without any coding or design skills. And the best thing about it is that you can now measure clicks, views, social reach, interaction rates and even conversions. Try the EventKit by Fanomena Events for free and explore all these exciting opportunities.

Seasonal promotions

Your event is connected to Christmas, Valentines Day or any other holiday? Great, then it’s a perfect chance for you to stand out of the crowd! Create coupons and promo code names connected to these calendar events, but don’t be too obvious with the naming. Turn on your fantasy, play with words and set up a name people will laugh about. It will not only create positive feelings among customers, but also make them remember you.

A simple example: “Coca-Cola Christmas commercial”. Nowadays everyone associates Christmas not only with Santa Claus, but also with Coca-Cola advertisement and a holiday spirit it creates. So why shouldn’t your company benefit from that as well?


Here are some ideas you can use for upcoming Christmas:





Customized promo codes

Here is a clever way if you want to understand who your customers are. Create a quiz with 2-3 quick questions and then, based on the answers, provide different coupons or codes. For instance, you can offer a bigger discount to the ones, who are aware about your brand. Then you can analyze the usage of different coupons and count how many new customers were attracted.

Another way of using customized promo codes is to provide them on different types of products based on people’s interests and preferences. 

Social sharing

Encourage your potential participants to share the event information with their network by social sharing codes. Some companies fully rely on that method as it is easy to apply. All you have to do is to provide your buyers with a link that generates a discount for them once they share it. In simple words, a participant shares the link in social media and then gets a small refund back from each order. It is an opportunity for people to bring friends to your event, promote it and get an extra discount.

Student promo codes

Does your target audience include students? Or maybe your event will be near the university campus? Then you can benefit from that by creating special coupons for students only. 

As a result, you can attract more students to your event, as they are always happy to get some discounts (we all know what student life is like).

‘Stay with us’

This is a great way to gain respect from people who already attended your event and make them come to you again. By offering them tickets at a lower price, you show that you are interested in your attendees and care about them. It is a pleasant feeling when someone still remembers about you and gives you a special bonus, isn’t it? It will also create a positive attitude about your event and company, as a result, people will want to come to you again and again. 


As an example, create a simple email campaign and send it to your last event’s participants with a discount code for tickets.

Coupons and promo codes ideas

Now you know that there are various types of coupons and promo codes; they vary from different target groups to the purpose of the offer itself. You should also keep in mind the goals you want to reach and the type of event you are organizing. 

But what benefits can you offer to your customers? And what exactly should you include in your coupons? Here are some ideas that you can use:


  • – Discount
  • Can be either a % (‘get a 10% discount’) or in a monetary value (‘-5€ for your purchase’). 


  • – Free shipping
  • One more incentive to buy your products. It is especially worth doing, when the shipping costs for customers are pretty expensive. 


  • – Value-adding
  • “Buy these pair of running shoes and get a pair of socks for free” is the basic example of value-adding offers. It can be a small gift or a complementary product that you will provide for free. 


  • – Bundle
  • Customers will benefit from buying the same products together at one time instead of purchasing them separately. For example, “buy 2 items – get 15% off” or “3=2 take three, only pay for two”.

These are the most common ideas of discounts, and of course, you can combine some of them together, to make your offer even more valuable. 

Using coupons or promo codes is only one of the types of customer attraction and engagement. It is best to use different digital ways of interaction with customers to diversify your marketing strategy. Reach more people, increase brand awareness and get a positive influence on your ROI by using some promo codes ideas from this article. This is a win-win situation, as your customers get discounts and special offers, and you get additional revenue and more happy visitors!

Now it’s the best time to try using coupons and promo codes for your next event! Start for free with Fanomena Events and, if you like it, you will get a 10% off on all packages with the discount code FANOMENAL10! But hurry up, the discount is only valid until 31st December 2019!

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