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How to convince your potential sponsors with digital tools

Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to find sponsors for your events – no matter if it is a sports event, a trade fair or something else. As a trade fair organizer, you are simply dependent on sponsors and any organizer can sign this agreement. Conversely, this means that you don’t even have to start planning your event without sponsors, because at the latest you will fail at the financial point without their support.

However, it is not so easy to find supporters, because their requirements are getting bigger and bigger.

What is the goal of sponsors?

Of course, the goal of companies that sponsor an event is not simply to provide goodwill money or other means, they also want to benefit greatly from it. Be it through direct sales, or simply the increase of awareness or the improvement of the image. They want to distinguish themselves more and more from their competitors.

Which companies sponsor events?

In the meantime, there is also talk of “big players” on the sponsor market. There are companies that can be found at numerous events and pump a lot of money into the event industry. Theoretically, almost every company is a potential sponsor for your next event. Especially regional companies like to support events in the same city. You can find out how to approach potential sponsors here.

What do I need to convince sponsors?

As already mentioned, sponsors are becoming more and more demanding and, due to the high demand, can choose the events that fit best. That’s why you have to offer them something that similar events don’t use. In the course of time, almost everything that can be digitized is digitized. That’s exactly what the big companies are looking for – digitisation and innovation. In addition, sponsors want to know if their resources have been used successfully at your event, or if the support hasn’t been of much use to them. They want to measure their ROI directly.

How do I provide sponsors with what they need?

It is very important to differentiate yourself from similar events and to meet the needs of your sponsors. You must not see them only as money, of course they demand something in return. Offer your sponsors a digital channel through which they can share their content, such as vouchers, contests, exclusive discounts or simple advertising messages with your participants. This is comparable to a haptic voucher booklet. The difference to the digital version is that the haptic version is simply not measurable. Sponsors do not know afterwards how the contents arrived with the participants, or whether simply only a Goodie grabbed itself and the advertising message written on paper landed directly in the garbage. Such a digital channel covers all of the above requirements. It even helps the sponsors to increase their reach.

EventKit by Fanomena Events is such a digital tool, which offers sponsors and/or exhibitors a digital channel to provide their content with the participants. In addition to simple advertising messages, your sponsors can provide your participants with vouchers, exclusive discount codes or contests and surveys. In addition, new contacts can even be generated. You can find even more information here.

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