How to plan your next event more sustainable

Events of all types can have a massive impact on the environment. Because of this, it is really important that the organizers become familiar with the idea of sustainability and plan their event from this perspective. But don’t make the mistake to ignore your company’s goals, rather try to combine them.

These 5 tips can help you to prepare your next event for a sustainable future:

  1. Glasses instead of plastic cups: Often the drinking cups are only used once by the participants before they end up in the trash. These huge amounts of waste can be easily avoided by providing glasses or cups (for hot drinks). You can also print your company logo on them and give it to the participants as a nice giveaway.
  2. E – Tickets: In the process of digitization, paper tickets became a thing of the past. Mobile tickets are not only more time-saving than printing and processing conventional tickets, they are also more paper-saving and therefore more environment-friendly. Another big advantage is that you get an exact number of participants for your event. By scanning the QR – code of your electronic ticket, you as the organizer, will receive an exact number of people on the event – at any time.
  3. Motivate your participants: Share your thoughts of sustainability with your visitors by including your ideas for “greener” events in your marketing channels. It does not only have a positive impact on your image, it also inspires your visitors to behave in an environmentally conscious way.
  4. Waste separation and recycling: An absolute must for a sustainable event is waste separation. Make sure that you put up sufficient and appropriate garbage cans and make the visitors aware of the correct separation of their waste. If you use recyclable materials at your event, make sure that they are collected and reprocessed.
  5. Digital Goodie Bags: One of the biggest trash producers in the event industry are physical goodie bags. These are not only filled with tons of flyers, brochures and information material, they are also mostly made of paper or plastic.

Did you know that it takes an average of 5 liters of water to produce one piece of A4 paper? Sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

It becomes even worse when you bear in mind that the majority of this waste ends up in the trash.

With Fanomena Events 3,295.5 kg of CO2, 621,792 sheets of paper and 3,108,960 liters of water have already been saved — and counting.

But there is one thing for sure: an event without advertisement is inconceivable. No matter if you want to increase your brand awareness or you want to make a positive impression on your existing customers, giveaways, flyers, brochures or information material are the standard medium. Since many participants or visitors expect you to provide these kinds of giveaways, goodie bags are an absolute “must-have” these days.

But it is not only the idea of sustainability that casts a negative light on the classic swag bags. There are other negative aspects you should keep in mind as an organizer:

  • costly – flyers, brochures, freebies and other giveaways are expensive to produce
  • waste of time – it takes hours and days and quite a lot of manpower to pack these bags
  • no reporting – there’s no way to analyze your partner’s Return on Investment (ROI) for their advertisements
  • Inconvenient – your participants have to carry around a heavy bag all day
  • No relevance – most content ends up in the trash mostly without being seen

With EventKit we present a digital, sustainable and measurable alternative to the usual goodie bags.

Besides classic advertising messages, the technology allows creating different coupons that offer added value to the participants. For instance, sponsors are able to provide discount codes or redeemable goodies within the bag.

Even raffles and surveys can be created to enlarge the interaction between your partners and participants.

In comparison with the classic swag bag that might end up in the trash immediately after handing it out, the participants’ interaction with the content can be permanently monitored — even in real time!

By that, you cannot just measure the success of your own content but also provide your partners with a detailed listing considering their ROI.

Additionally, the EventKit does not need to be carried around like an old-fashioned swag bag but can be easily entered at any time from any device.

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