How to use giveaways at events

Promotional gifts have become common practice when it comes to customer communication and good marketing and it is even hard to imagine events without them. Using giveaways at events is always a good idea, unless they end up unseen in the trash after only 10 minutes. T-shirts, pens, lanyards – or something else? After all, there are plenty of giveaways to choose from.

But what are giveaways? And what are they good for?

Promotional gifts are mainly used to win new customers and to remind existing customers. Giveaways leave a positive impression exactly when they are useful and do not immediately end up in a box or even in the trash.

Are giveaways worth the effort?

The goal for people is to remember you, your products or your service. The main point of corporate gifts is that they are perceived as a gift rather than a promotional gift. That’s the only way they can be worthwhile and have a very positive influence on customer loyalty.

How to prepare a giveaway

The giveaway should always suit the occasion, the company and the customer, as well as be of high quality and individual. Nevertheless, an imprint with the company name or logo shouldn’t be missing, as this restores the link to the company again. But finding a good and suitable giveaway is not easy.

  • Occasion: There are many ways to give away promotional gifts. Large companies like to send giveaways to long-term customers or partners on days like Christmas to show them that they are important for the company. In the trade fair and congress environment, giveaways are gladly awarded after or during the event.
  • Company: It should always be ensured that the promotional gift also fits the corporate identity and identifies it with the company. The corporate design should also appear here.
  • Customer: While it is essential for every company to know its target group, this also applies to giveaways. Know your target group and choose the giveaways that suit your target group best.
  • Quality: The quality should not be compromised either, because the recipient will not get a positive impression of your company if the promotional gift breaks after a short time frame.
  • Individuality: There are some promotional items that you see over and over again. That’s why you should take more time during the planning and think about individual giveaways.

The usage of giveaways at trade fairs and conferences

It has been impossible to imagine the trade fair and congress environment without giveaways for a long time. Small giveaways are also a good marketing strategy at trade fairs because visitors come to your stand receive small promotional items and will remember you and your company again later.
Most of the time the giveaways are distributed in so-called goodie bags. In addition to flyers, brochures or other informational material, there are product samples, vouchers or something like that.
Digital giveaways such as USB sticks, Bluetooth mini speakers or power banks are also becoming increasingly popular from time to time. With these promotional items, recipients not only have sustainability in mind but can be sure that they will be used with joy.

The provider Fanomena Events has also set itself the task of supporting digital event communication. While EventKit by Fanomena Events itself isn’t a giveaway, it offers a platform where organizers can make their content available to their participants in a digital and individual way. This platform can also be used to attract additional visitors to your stand. A further big advantage is that important resources such as paper, water and CO2 can be saved. Beyond that, EventKit has still further considerable advantages.

To sum it up, giveaways are always a good marketing strategy when it comes to staying in the minds of customers, partners, new customers or visitors, making them happy and offering them added value.

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