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Introducing the Fanomena Events sponsor marketplace (Beta)

Since the launch of Fanomena Events in 2015, we have had the vision to support event organizers worldwide with the securing and activation of sponsors. 89% of event organizers state that this is one of their biggest daily challenges. Having effectively supported thousands of events and companies with over a million users with our EventKit technology so far, we are now going one step further.

After months of development we launch today our Fanomena Events sponsor marketplace in a first beta version with the goal to bring both worlds of event organizers and sponsors with technology even closer together. In an intelligent way, we match exciting events with interesting brands on both sides and with our innovative publishing technology, make it possible to deliver highly targeted and effective sponsor messages.

And the best thing about it is that it is 100% free to register for the Fanomena Events sponsor marketplace.

Event Organizer:

How does it work for event organizers?

  • Log in and create your profile for the sponsor marketplace in Fanomena Events quickly and easily
  • Provide detailed information about your event to be matched with interesting sponsors
  • Indicate your expected price: fixed or performance.
  • Discover interesting sponsors to upgrade your EventKit, unlock EventKit incentives or generate new sponsorship revenue.
  • Negotiate about the platform and invite the sponsor to create the sponsor message after successful conclusion.


  • Quickly and easily find new sponsors for your EventKit
  • Generate new revenue, add value offers to your EventKit and unlock EventKit incentives
  • Monitor your performance in real time and have ROI always in your dashboard
  • Generate reports for your sponsors for your documentation
  • Professional and fast handling of deals via the platform


How does it work for sponsors?

  • Register and create your sponsor profile for the Fanomena Events sponsor marketplace in a quick and easy way.
  • Provide detailed information about your company to be matched with interesting events
  • Discover interesting events to sponsor with and about EventKit
  • Negotiate over the platform and create your sponsor message after a successful conclusion with a multiplicity of different possibilities.


  • Develop your target group of end consumers or customers in a fast and innovative way with our EventKit technology.
  • Increase revenues, traffic and conversions
  • Use a variety of effective functionalities such as discounts, vouchers, lead capture or gamification.
  • Monitor your success and ROI in real time
  • Professional and fast handling of deals via the platform

There is still so much more to come, that we look very excited and positive into the future, that with Fanomena Events we can support event organizers as well as companies with their goals in sponsorship. But for now we invite you all to explore Fanomena Events and our our new sponsors marketplace and give us your feedback.

A big thank you for changing sponsorship and transforming with us into the digital age.


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