At Fanomena, we engage target groups

We empower companies to deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time and significantly increase their relevance and conversion rates. 

Empowering innovative brands

How it works

With our SaaS technology, companies can create  individualized and personalized EngagementKits and determine a clear ROI.


Companies can create a content pool with our content management system – from simple information cards to interactions through raffles or video.


As a dynamic set of content-cards the EngagementKit greets your targets with a personalized address and makes sure they only receive relevant content.


Access immersive reports on all interactions. You'll be able to measure the performance of your content in real time to determine a clear ROI.

Our Solutions

Based on this technology we provide products that can be used in different areas.

An event platform that allows promoters and sponsors to deliver relevant content and offers to attendees at the right time.

A B2B lead management software that enables companies to increase the engagement of their leads by sending individual content at the right time.

A recruiting software that enables companies to increase candidate relevance by delivering individual content at the right time.

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