Digitization of sponsor advertisements with Fanomena Events.

The Honolulu Marathon was looking for a sustainable way to give its sponsors more visibility and direct access to the target group. By using the Sponsor Marketplace by Fanomena Events the organizers were even able to find more sponsors for the event and increased their revenue.

> 75%

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With almost 30,000 participants, the Honolulu Marathon on the island of Oahu/Hawaii is one of the ten largest marathons in the world and has been held in December since 1973. The northern island of the archipelago Oahu is the venue of the marathon. The participants enjoy the wonderful view of the sea and the tropical landscape.




The organizers of the Honolulu Marathon wanted to distribute the offers of their sponsors to the nearly 30,000 participants of the marathon. To support the sustainable nature of the event, they were looking for a paperless alternative to do so. On the other side, the participants should get direct access to the advertisements of the sponsors and be able to interact with them in an uncomplicated way. Hence, the visibility of the sponsors should be significantly increased and measured.


By implementing the digital sponsoring technology eventbaxx, the Honolulu Marathon gave its sponsors the possibility to transmit their offers to the runners in a digital way. By setting up a sponsoring platform, benefits for the participants, the sponsors and the organizer were
created. The participants got a quick overview of all sponsors and could use the exclusive offers paperless. The sponsors could create their advertisements online with little effort to directly interact with the participants. Their visibility at the event was increased significantly and could be measured in detail. In the end, the organizer benefited from satisfied sponsors and participants.


The implementation of the digital sponsoring platform for the Honolulu Marathon was a complete success for all involved parties.

Multiple sponsors like e.g. Lyft were included and set up their advertisements through the system without needing support. An opening rate of more than 75% assured that they were actively perceived by the participants.

The appreciation of the participants was further underlined by their interactions with the offers. In average, each participant accessed the platform 1.5 times and more than 11,000 advertisements were clicked in total.


The organizer benefited above all from the simplicity of the system. Sponsors were able to create their content by themselves with ease, which resulted in an enormous
reduction of the organizer’s workload. 


Moreover, the Sponsor Marketplace allowed the Honolulu Marathon to find additional sponsors for their upcoming events to create a new revenue stream.

Fanomena Events convinced us with oustanding opening- and click-through-rates. Our sponsors loved the simplicity of creating their advertisements online, which significantly reduced our workload.“
Fredrik Bjurenvall
Digital Media Director, Honolulu Marathon

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