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IQPC goes beyond the traditional event experience to deliver enhanced learning and networking opportunities. They offer blended digital learning through their extensive library of white papers, infographics, videos, case studies, tailored research and data products to keep you ahead of your industry. Their online communities extend your networking beyond the event to a broader community of over 1 million members. Their combination of real world events and digital content provides unrivaled learning and network!



The challenge

IQPC goes beyond the traditional event experience and offers enhanced learning and networking opportunities. The company hosts 1200 events on 6 continents, including the Cyber Security Summit, which is not a classic on-site conference, but an online event comparable to a webinar.

The conference deals with the topic of cyber security in order to introduce companies to the increasingly importance of the topic and to provide further training in it. As new hazards are constantly arising, the responsibles for security can’t handle it alone anymore. IQPC wants to explain the emerging possibilities for cyber security in a worldwide conference.

The solution

IQPC was looking for a tool that enables them to provide the content of the conference to the international participants in digital form after the event. With Fanomena Events the company has found a partner with whom this request is possible. Fanomena Events has also taken over the creation of the content of the digital conference bag. IQPC handed over the content of the conference, for example the key notes of the different speakers, already during the event. In that way, the information could be handed over to the participants directly after the event.


The digital sponsoring platform Fanomena Events was very well received by the participants of the Cyber Security Summit. Every second participant interacted with the coupons and thus with the contents of the conference and took the opportunity to continue their training in cyber security even after the event. The content placed below because of the large amount of information was not overseen and was perceived and used by the majority of the participants.

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