Software for successful lead management

Accelerate your lead management process at events such as trade fairs or in-house events. Generate more customers through targeted communication in the form of a digital business kit.

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Get more customers from your trade fair presence with Fanomena Leads

Higher conversion rate through individual follow-up

Trigger follow-up processing at the business event itself. With the Businesskit technology, interest-related content can be sent automatically. The increased relevance of the content increases the conversion rate to an actual website visit.

Higher closure rate due to the prioritisation of your trade fair contacts

Receive an evaluation of the click behaviour of your contacts. Derive concrete measures and prioritise your leads in the follow-up to the trade fair.

Time saving through digital recording of contacts

Scan business cards or use digital report sheets. This way you do not lose valuable time in the follow-up.

Higher data quality through automatic CRM synchronization

Transfer your leads directly from the trade fair to your CRM. No data will be lost and transmission errors are avoided. You get a correct database and more agility in your CRM.


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Benefit from Fanomena Leads in marketing and sales

Get an opening rate of up to 54% on your follow-up

Send a follow-up after your trade fair with our business kit and receive an opening rate of up to 54 %. Our Businesskit technology automatically compiles personally relevant content for your target group and thus increases the interaction rate.

20% higher sales potential for more new customers

Get detailed information about interactions and contact the hottest leads first. Use your resources efficiently in customer acquisition.

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