Our tips for better touchpoint marketing: Handing over more qualified leads

Every enterprise targets unlimited leads as a way to grow the business. Leads are the prospective clients who are interested in your product after learning about it from advertisements, publicity or referral by a current client. Leads undergo a process before participating in transactions as customers. There are steps in which each player in the firm hands over responsibility to their subsequent other.

Did you know:

Better touchpoint marketing accelerates the generating and hands over of leads within the whole process of winning clients. Touchpoint marketing entails deliberate actions meant to touch, persuade and establish a rapport with the prospect lead. Specialization and consistency of the brand expressed through the logo, quality, fonts, and color do excellently in developing a touchpoint.

Handing over leads from sales to marketing

During the lead generation, it is important to hold on to the source. This will serve you in the further course as an essential indicator of the buying potential. Get as many details about the person as possible including contacts, company profile, budget, needs and time limits. After that, add the lead to your CRM to observe the progress.

After the exhibition event, hand over all the leads to the marketing department. They can determine those leads who are really interested in your product, e.g. by visiting your website. Plan a follow up how they get more information about your product and when the sales team will process further. Through the digital support during these processes, intern resources can be organized or the full process can be automated.

Always remember: You ought to respond fast to lead the response to avoid impatience that would repel away the customer. The marketer divulges the details of the product such as package quantities, durability, price and the technology applied.

With marketing, you have the chance to make the product outstanding in a competitive and dynamic world of business. Apply all the techniques of touchpoint marketing to make the lead fall in love with the product. Trigger their audience and curiosity to see them rise from little prospects to promising leads. Vet the candidate to gauge their chances of a business deal and their limitations. Undertake the necessary basics of qualifying leads for the sales personnel. Establish a healthy business relationship with the leads. Maintain your focus on adding value to the organization and offering a solution to the customer. Move at a pace that is neither slow nor harassing for the leads. Develop the prospects to qualified leads, and distinguish the qualified leads from the general crowd and have a direct contact.

The handover of the qualified lead from marketing to sales

The marketer eventually hands over an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) to the sales personnel. An SQL is a person who has graduated from the MQL level to the decision-making stage, where they show clear signs of engaging the company in a business transaction. The marketer evaluates the lead alongside a scoring system which has points assigned to particular values of the persona. The automation featuring CRM can make lead scoring simple. There is a set threshold for a lead to be handed over as qualified.

Always Remember:

Leads are at varying stages in the sales cycle. The salesperson checks the profile of the qualified lead. Therefore, you have this Checklist:

  1. On a pyramidal representation of the hierarchy of needs for the leads, contact details come at the base because they are vital for connecting.
  2. Next is the firmographics that inform you of the background of the client.
  3. Third on the checklist is the product holding.
  4. Fourthly, the interactions of the lead indicate their intentions.
  5. On the peak is their interests which gives insight on their preference.

Working hand in hand when handing over

The qualified lead should be evidently ready for the next step. You can verify this by checking how often the lead is in touch with the firm through visiting the website, exchanging emails and responding on social media. The best time to intervene is when the leads are hot. For instance, give them a call in less than 5 minutes after they submit their forms. The marketer should formulate a notification process to keep the lead in touch with the sales consultant. You need adequate communication to align the sales and the marketing. Sharing similar data, holding meetings and relaying feedback on time prevents a disconnect.


The salesperson should follow up the leads they send. You should see to it that the goal is achieved: to move the lead to the sales funnel to opportunity from the prospect. Therefore, it is a blunder to hand over the lead and withdraw. Likewise, it is disgusting for a sales manager to reject qualified leads without giving reasons. This rejection kills the morale of the marketer who has invested time and funds to develop a potential client. You should put into place a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to bridge the marketing and the sales. With a precise SLA, the rate of successful transition to SQL is high. Both the marketer and the sales should have a smooth demarcation of their lead responsibilities to avoid duplication of roles.

Always remember:

As the marketing department makes the perfect timing for the handover, do not be in a hurry to pass on the leads before they are well acquainted with the company vis-à-vis their need. If the lead score is low, work to improve it or drop it altogether if it shows no signs of progress.  


When to usher the lead to the sales team the ultimate aim of the marketer is to position the lead into the sales and the eventual transaction to occur. Each organization should have a well-defined Sales Accepted Lead (SAL). The SAL parameters determine the transition rate of the leads to sales. Despite lead generation, identify their needs and interests to make sure you deliver or design a brand tailor-made for them. Your content for sale should convince them that you are the best company.


Content intelligence minimizes wasted chances of business by captivating and shaping the perspective of the incoming client. Direct the sales qualified lead to the sales department at the climax of their inquiries on the product. Perhaps the lead is comparing several firms. At that juncture what touches them deserves their choice. A slight inconvenience on the part of the marketer spoils everything. Giving comprehensive feedback beyond their query draws their attention and helps them to evaluate the company positively.  Opening up a dialogue brings out the leads’ feelings and plans. A variety of products is preferable to a fixed option. The sales team need to have all the details of the SQL to prepare them psychologically to handle them in the best way possible. The marketer and the sales should continuously liaise to avoid any disconnect. The duo should not hesitate or delay while responding to the lead. The qualified lead places their bid on the products to signal the beginning of business talks, and then the sales team takes over. Embrace touchpoint marketing to reap big on leads.

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