The 7 most important tips for the perfect follow-up after an exhibition

More and more often, exhibitors focus exclusively on the preparation and management of the trade fair. It is no surprise when you consider that the follow-up seems almost more extensive than planning and the actual work on the day of the exhibition. The preparation of a trade fair appearance – especially if the trade fair takes several days – can take up to one year. Nevertheless, it is essential to stay in touch with your leads. From the preparation to the follow-up of the trade fair, there are many aspects that shouldn’t be ignored.

When preparing a trade fair, the following aspects are usually in the focus:

  • Goal: Which goal do I want to achieve with my trade fair appearance? Should the image of the company be maintained or should a new product be placed on the market?
  • Exhibition stand: What should the exhibition stand look like? What costs will I have to pay?
  • Communication: What are the best ways to announce my presence at the fair? And who do I invite specifically to my stand?
  • Benefit: What benefits can I offer my visitors if they visit my stand?
  • ...

Further tips

Now get even more tips on how to get the most out of your trade fair planning.

After a long time of preparation, the day of the exhibition is just around the corner!
But to make sure you and your team don’t finish the event with the last day, at this point you should have already thought about the follow-up.

In the following we have put together 7 tips for the perfect trade fair follow-up:

1. Personalised address: Nobody likes impersonal mass e-mails. To make your recipient more relevant, use a personalized form of address in your follow-up. Much less emails will end up in the spam ordner and you also make your leads feel important.


2. Thank your visitors: Send an e-mail to your collected contacts the same evening. It’s not about providing a particularly high added value for your leads, but about the nice gesture. Use less information material and thank you first and foremost for visiting your stand and for the interesting conversation. If you manage to stand out from the usual mass of emails and, for example, insert a personalized address, you will certainly leave a positive impression that will benefit you later.


3. Organize your leads: Probably the most time-consuming part after the fair is the categorisation of the collected contacts. This involves sorting the collected leads according to quality and priority for the company in order to get an overview of which leads are ready for sales and which need further qualification.


4. Pay attention to your response time: Defining the right time for the follow-up is very easy: Contact your leads while they are still hot! Your follow-up should take place within the following week, because at that time the talk from the trade fair day is still in your leads’ minds. Don’t lose any time, because the leads will most likely not contact you, they will lose interest much sooner.


5. Relevant and interactive content: To further qualify your potential customers and take them to the next level of the Customer Journey, it is your task to provide them with suitable information material. Here it is also important to stand out from classic, prefabricated mass follow-up mails. Of course, in the first step, potential customers are only interested in content that was previously discussed at the trade fair stand.


6. Specify a contact person: Make sure you specify a contact person for your receivers. In the best case even an employee who was present at the fair and is already known to your contact. Thus you give him the possibility to contact you, if further information is needed. Alternatively, you can also set the Next Action Step by announcing that the expert will contact him within the next 2 weeks.


7. Tracking of interactions: To further define the lead status, the interactions of the follow-up must be tracked. If an honest interest in a lead can be proven, it is ready for distribution and can be handed over. However, if no interactions have been detected, a further follow-up with further information and materials should be provided.

Take enough time when planning your trade fair, because a well structured and planned appearance ensures a successful and stress-free event, even when it's over!

With Fanomena Leads we have not only managed to avoid classic paper lead sheets, but also to automate the entire follow-up. With the digital business kits from Fanomena Leads you can easily create individual and personalized content and send it automatically to your collected contacts. Now take a look at the interactions of your leads and don’t lose valuable time to those who are not yet ready for distribution.


How do you design your trade fair follow-up? Do you already use interactive content or do your visitors receive an information brochure?

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