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Data One qualifies contacts from various sources (webinar registrations, white paper downloads, events) with Fanomena Leads and develops them into opportunities through relevant communication.


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As a medium-sized consulting and development company, Data One specializes in supporting companies on their way through digital transformation. As one of the leading providers, Data One offers an innovative portfolio of services and its own software solutions.


Saarbrücken, Germany

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Data One not only advises companies in the course of digital transformation, the consulting company from Saarbrücken has also set itself the strategic goal of improving processes in the course of customer orientation.


In addition to optimizing lead quality, the focus should in particular be on providing potential customers with the best possible high-quality information at all times during the customer journey.


In the course of marketing automation, an interface to the CRM module within the SAP Business ByDesign cloud ERP should also be created. The goal: more efficient and faster workflows between marketing and sales as well as higher conversion rates on the customer side.


Leads can be won on various possibilities. At the beginning of the project, Data One essentially named three use cases to start with:

In order to be able to map all these processes holistically, the choice fell on the full-service solution Fanomena Leads and the digital business kit integrated into it.

It started with the use case fairs & events. The challenge was that Data One’s cloud day in Saarland was just around the corner. The integration of Fanomena Leads therefore had to be carried out in a very small time window.

The main requirement was to communicate with potential customers in all three customer phases:


1. Personalized event information with interactive content (contact person, agenda, directions, parking, etc.)


2. communication with the participants during the event (votes, surveys, vouchers, wifi access, etc.)


3. sending of further information (photo gallery, whitepaper, flyer, etc.) after the event – individually for participants and non-participants


A further requirement was to register new participants at check-in and provide them with event information in real time.

The solution

1. In order to be able to map the Data One customer journey holistically, Fanomena Leads was fully integrated into the marketing and sales process. Trade fair visitors were now recorded directly in the lead mask of Fanomena Leads. Event and webinar participants can register directly for the event via a specially created registration page.


2. By using the digital business kit from Fanomena Leads, Data One can now provide its potential customers with information about events and solutions in a customized way. Fanomena Leads was connected to the tool “Citrix – Go2Webinar” for the execution of the webinars, so that a smooth execution of the webinars could be guaranteed also in this case. Here, too, the participants now receive individual and tailor-made information in the aftermath.


3. In order to guarantee the highest possible efficiency and to exclude data redundancies, it was absolutely necessary to connect Fanomena Leads to the existing CRM of the cloud solution SAP Business ByDesign. An interface was created specifically for this purpose, which now ensures that the leads end up in the right place in sales via marketing.

With Fanomena Leads, I can give my team a tool that allows us to work faster and more efficiently. In addition, we can now accompany each customer individually on their customer journey.
Kerstin Steffen
Head of Marketing, Data One GmbH

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