Efficient lead management on the Light+Building

Thanks to Fanomena Leads, the Hager Group was able to reduce its manpower during Light + Building 2018 and process customer requests almost in real time. The data quality within the CRM system could thus be increased many times over.


Synchronization of contact data with CRM


Accelerates the process from capture to synchronization

Hager provides solutions and services for electrical installations covering the entire spectrum of residential and functional buildings. These include energy distribution and meter station systems, cable routing and room connection systems, security technology and door communication as well as switch ranges and intelligent building control.


Blieskastel, Germany

Number of employees


Starting point

The Hager Group has so far used paper-based report forms for its lead capture process at trade fairs. For the Light + Building trade fair, for example, this means that 130 employees have recorded over 5,000 contacts on paper sheets in the past. In order to cope with the mass of leads in the shortest possible time, additional employees had to be scheduled in the back office to ensure processing. This process was to be digitized and accelerated for Light + Building 2018.

Challenges and goals

The goal was to digitally implement the lead capturing at trade fairs and to integrate automated synchronization with the CRM. In addition, the Hager Group also wanted to record and process its contacts offline in order to avoid connection problems in exhibition halls.


Since 70% of the interested parties were already existing customers, it was agreed that all previous contacts from the CRM would be available to access information and process it directly.


Ultimately, the challenge was not only to ensure communication from Fanomena Leads to the CRM system, but also to exchange information from CRM to Fanomena Leads.


With Fanomena Leads, the Hager Group has found a very good solution for its needs. Thanks to an open API, Fanomena Leads could be connected to the Hager Group’s complex CRM system to communicate in both directions. With Fanomena Leads’ offline solution, leads could be captured at any time and synchronized when the internet connection was available.

After the successful capture, an automated follow-up mail – Fanomena Leads’ digital business kit – was also sent to avoid wasting time.

With Fanomena we have taken a big step towards digitisation. Today, Fanomena Leads enables us to capture our customers digitally and correct customer data in real time. Thanks to the direct CRM integration, we can process customer enquiries registered via the lead app within 2 days of the trade fair - instead of the previous 14 days. The high responsiveness and professionalism of the Fanomena team made it possible to implement our pilot project on schedule and within a very short time.
Nadine Mende
Head of the Event Organisation, Hager Group

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