Holistic automation of the lead management

With Fanomena Leads, trade fair contacts are digitally captured and can be directly post-processed. It only takes a few minutes from the conversation at the trade fair stand to the individual follow-up. 


Time expenditure for the preparation and processing of the trade fair contact


Opening rate of the trade fair follow-ups


Error during synchronization with the CRM system

As a consulting and software house, Scheer GmbH supports companies in the development of new business models, in the optimization and implementation of efficient business processes and in the reliable operation of their IT.


Saarbrücken, Germany

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The trade fair appearance is one of the most important marketing measures of the Scheer GmbH. Here potential customers come into direct contact with the company and have the opportunity to experience products and services live.


Previously, trade fair contacts were recorded on a paper sheet, which was transferred from marketing to CRM after the trade fair. Sending individual information was therefore very time-consuming and non-transparent. In addition, the cooperation between marketing and sales was often difficult and led to communication problems in the operative business due to a lack of information.


The lack of digitalization of the lead process also manifested itself in the execution of webinars. Due to missing interfaces between the different tools (website, webinar provider, CRM), many steps had to be carried out manually.

The implementation

In order to better understand trade fair procedures of the Scheer GmbH, we worked closely with marketing and sales. The findings were decisive for carrying out user-oriented adjustments and seamlessly integrating Fanomena Leads into the existing SAP system landscape. In addition, the first trade fair also provided further insights into the needs of the Scheer GmbH, so that the solution was adapted to individual customer requirements.

After the successful launch of Fanomena Leads at trade fairs, the solution was extended to other lead processes that no longer required manual intervention:

The solution

With the implementation of Fanomena Leads, Scheer GmbH was able to fully automate its lead management – with great success:

The automated sending of individual information as well as the tracking at contact person level, raises lead quality to a new level and allows sales to address individual customers.

With Fanomena Leads we were able to increase the automation of our lead process by 79%, reduce the processing time and virtually eliminate the error rate due to media breaks. Several previously separate systems now work together seamlessly and constantly increase our data quality and Web2Lead time. With the business kits, we also have the option of sending leads individually tailored information packages and can afterwards track in the dashboard which of them were used.
Julia Schmidt
Head of Marketing, Scheer GmbH

The cooperation continues

We are constantly working on integrating further Scheer GmbH processes into Fanomena Leads in order to sustainably improve lead quality.

Together with the marketing experts of Scheer GmbH, we achieve a lead commitment of over 87% with Fanomena Leads.

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