Automate your Online Lead Management

Do not manually transfer the leads you generate on your website into your marketing tools anymore. Connect all your tools together and speed up your online marketing processes.


Include Fanomena Leads forms on your website

Create all required form fields in your desired design and specify the individual message you want to send. Use it to register event participants (e.g. from trade fairs, conferences, webinars, online seminars, etc.) and send them relevant content in advance.

Connect to all relevant marketing tools

Connect the relevant systems and avoid a manual transfer between website, CRM and your marketing tools.

Fanomena Leads Integration

Send individual content

By networking all tools, you know exactly what content needs to be sent. With our bussinesskit technology, you can send individual content at any time.

Derive the right actions

The click behaviour of your leads allows you to quickly identify which ones are at an advanced stage and can therefore be transferred to sales. Focus on the right opportunities and close more deals.

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