Increase the conversion rate of your trade fair contacts

Receive data-based analyses about your trade fair visitors and prioritize your leads.

Increase relevance through individual content

Integrate into your follow-up (Businesskit) the content that really interests your contacts and thus increase relevance. Strengthen your brand at the same time by simply implementing your corporate identity in the business kit.

Segment your contacts

Based on the recorded characteristics from the lead mask, segments can be formed and individually post-processed.

Find out which of your contacts are most relevant

Fanomena Leads documents every opening and interaction of your contacts with the content. This allows you to prioritize your leads and efficiently use resources in the follow-up process.

Transfer your contacts directly to your CRM

Your trade fair contacts can already be transferred to your CRM on the day of the trade fair. This is made possible by Fanomena Leads' open API interface, which can be easily connected to your CRM.


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