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United States of America

The challenge

O’Reilly Media, a learning company based in the United States organizes conferences all around the globe. To facilitate the transfer of information the organizers were looking for a method to hand over the information around the conferences to the delegates in a digital way along with placements of their sponsors.

The solution

Fanomena Events enables the organizers to collect all the information about the conferences in one place and hand it over to the delegates easily. In addition, the organizers get the possibilty to present their sponsors on the digital sponsorship platform to increase their visibilty at the events. The relevant content can be sent to the delegates before the event, during the conference or after it to ensure that everybody can interact with the information at the right time.


Not only the organizers profit from using the digital sponsorship platform Fanomena Events.

The participants won’t have the problem with collecting information in form of paper sheets
anymore. They receive the digital sponsorship platform Fanomena Events at the right time to have access to their information when they really need them.

Moreover, the visibility of the sponsors of the numerous conferences increases enormously. They get the chance of addressing the delegates in a completely new way to ensure that everybody gets in contact with the content. Most importantly, they have access to detailed statistics of their content. Hence, the exhibitors and sponsors can meisure their ROI by evaluating the statistics of their content.

Fanomena Events is a great addition to our conferences. We can easily share event-related content along with our sponsors’ advertisements through a digital channel. Our sponsors loved the simplicity and evaluation possibilities.
Patrick McGrath
Sales Operations Manager, O'Reilly Media

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