Boost the success of your sponsors.

Our world-leading digital swag bag solution enables your Partners and Sponsors to easily share personalized content with the attendees of your event and boost their brand awareness; conversion-oriented, measurable & sustainable!

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Why Fanomena Events?

More than 89% of event organizers struggle finding or securing sponsorships. Fanomena Events solves this problem by helping you to satisfy your existing sponsors and finding new sponsors.

Outstanding opening rates

Make sure that your sponsors get the visibility they deserve. Innovative distribution methods result in outstanding opening rates beyond 75%.

Detailed ROI reports

Your sponsors want to measure the performance of their advertisement. Make them happy by sharing detailed ROI reports in real-time. All with one click.

100% GDPR compliant

Protecting your data is our number one goal - as well as transparency. We will make sure that you and your sponsors always feel safe while working with us.

How does it work?

Engange, activate and satisfy your sponsors in 3 simple steps.

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Easily create your digital sponsoring platform.

Include your sponsors to display their advertisements in an innovative way and allow them to share their brand’s unique message through countless engaging content types.


Make sure your sponsors reach your target group.

Use various digital channels to make sure your sponsors' message is delivered to your target group. Responsive with any device, no need to download or register. Opening rates beyond 75% and outstanding CTRs will stun your sponsors.


Inform your sponsors about their success.

92% of sponsors are wishing for an evaluation of their campaign. Provide yours with immersive reports on all interactions and satisfy your sponsors by supporting them to determine a clear Return-on-Investment.

Wide-ranging advertising possibilities.

Classic advertising message

Share an advertising message or information with the target group. Include your message directly or link to a website with further details.

Redeemable voucher

Using a digital platform doesn’t mean you need to renounce on physical giveaways. Incentivize customers to engage with your products, build brand loyalty, and convert into sales.

Promotional discount campaigns

Share a general or personalized discount code, designed to drive participants to your digital platforms (e.g. e-commerce shop) and increase revenue.

Interactive quizzes and surveys

Directly interact with your target group by asking an engaging questions. You can even reward users for their participation to build greater brand awareness.

Increase your digital reach

Let users spread the word and increase the reach of your campaign. You can set an invitation goal and reward users for reaching it.

Simple lead-capturing

Advertise an ongoing campaign (e.g. newsletter, podcast) and allow users to easily subscribe to it.

Visual presentation

Add a video or GIF to your advertisement to visualize the message you want to deliver.

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