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San Diego Running Co. is an event production company dedicated to bringing the San Diego community together through unique, memorable running events that tell a story and empower people to get out and enjoy new experiences.


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The challenge

Each year, San Diego Running Co. organizes a running series with multiple events in San Diego, California. Their aim is to provide sustainable events by renouncing on physical race bags to reduce the waste of paper and the production of garbage. Moreover, they aim to keep up with the digitization by transmitting their sponsors’ offers digitally in the future.

The solution

San Diego Running Co. uses the digital sponsor platform Fanomena Events for its running series 2019 and 2020 with a total of eight running events. In addition to event-relevant information, Fanomena Events digitally transmits the offers of the company’s sponsors to the participants. Besides protecting the environment, the event organizers, sponsors and participants profit from various benefits. The creation of a digital advertisement at Fanomena Events is part of the sponsor packages. The sponsors can easily create their advertisement and, due to the simplicity of the system, needed no support from the organizer, which results in enormous time savings for all involved parties.


The use of Fanomena Events at the running events has already paid off for San Diego Running. Apart from the already mentioned advantages for organizers and sponsors, the digital offers were very well accepted by the participants. The opening rate of the Fanomena Events is constantly growing from event to event with an average of 74.75%. The outstanding opening rate of 88.3% at the latest event underlines that the system is appreciated by the runners.


In addition, the sponsors benefit not only from the fact that they can easily reach participants through the uncomplicated creation of their offers, they also receive a detailed evaluation of the performance of their ad after the event.

With Fanomena Events we want to offer our sponsors a new digital channel while renouncing on print materials to stop waste production and provide sustainable events for our community.
Eric Marenburg
Chief Running Officer, San Diego Running Co.

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