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Attracting talent about the company always starts with a good pitch. With Talent Engagement solutions from Fanomena Talent you will be one step ahead of your competition.

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Get in personal contact with your talent.

Address each applicant target group individually, whether active or passive, and stay in active contact with them.

Impress your talent with relevant informations.

Acquired talent have direct access to insights into relevant company areas and job offers and can be easily viewed from any device.

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Gain insight into your applicant target group.

By analyzing the activities, you gain insights into the individual candidate behavior. This helps you to control the next recruiting steps.

"Through the use of Fanomena Talent we are able to get in touch with numerous candidates whom we have not been able to reach or capture in the past. In addition, detailed evaluation options support us in controlling our recruiting measures".
Melanie Linn
Personnel Marketing Consultant,
GLOBUS SB-Warenhaus

Why Fanomena Talent?

More than 80% of visitors are open to new opportunities, but not actively looking for a job. Fanomena Talent helps you to get in touch with these candidates and to actively convince them of your employer brand.

New candidate reach

Expand your reach for candidates by turning your visitors into interested parties in your company.

1:1 candidate experience

Improve the Candidate Experience by delivering customized content.

Insights into applicant behaviour

Gain deep insights into your applicant target group and their behaviour.

100% DSGVO compliant

Talent is compliant with the European Data Protection Directives.


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Eric Uder

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